The Daily Grind Video

Everyone knows that Us (Coco&&Breezy) Don’t EVER take our shades off in public,let alone snap PHOTOS without our shades on !!! 

Ever since we moved to NY, we wear our shades all day and all night! ‘ WE WEAR OUR SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT‘  B-)

Coco&&Breezy Eyewear has been branded with us wearing our shades,because when you look at the glasses alone people wouldn’t know how to rock them. When you see Coco&&Breezy wearing them we just give it that okay to take it to the next level with fashion!

We are a mystery behind the shades! people always wondered why we keep our eyes covered. Well NOW you guys FINALLY GET TO SEE WHATS BEHIND THE SHADES!

Pics of Coco&&Breezy as non-fashion aliens, Getting our SEXY-ON

Below wearing Sammy B Designs

Photos by: Cory M and Philippe Bontemps

Style Team: NEON FIX