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Greetings Grinders,

I remember being 8 years old, dancing on the playground at Clifton elementary, with my two best friends from the third grade, and singing “Waterfalls” by TLC.  That was my jam, even though at that age I had no idea how iconic the song would become.  In recent years, however, many would agree there has been a void with the absence of TLC.  Well, let me introduce you to a fresh “Crazy.Sexy.Cool.”  Sophia Fresh is a trio of talented young ladies who’s sound can best be described as Hip-Rock meets R&B.  Last week, I had the pleasure of meeting and working with group members Cole Rose, Skye, and Crystal at the video shoot for their new single “This Instant” featuring T-Pain.  The song will be featured on the soundtrack for the new Disney movie “Step Up 3D,” and is definitely something that will make you want to bust out with your best dance move.  The Houston natives are no strangers to the music industry, previously being signed to J Records, but with their new home at Atlantic Records, they are preparing for their self-titled debut album release.  Under the tutelage of T-Pain himself, who executive produced most of the album, Sophia Fresh has become the newest member of the Nappy Boy family.  


The ladies made working on set of my first video shoot a breeze.  I was assisting the head stylist, EJ King, with the fun and edgy looks he put together for them.  Based in L.A., EJ has been styling for five years, and as part of Sophia Fresh’s glam squad, he has undoubtedly contributed to their unique look.  In the video, they shot an army effect, as well as, a hip-hop and a futuristic fashion.  When asked if there was a common direction with the girls among so many different looks, he answered, “I wanted to appeal to all of their markets by keeping it fun for the kids and still sexy as women.”  I anticipated it being difficult styling three women with three totally different personalities and styles, but EJ and the ladies showed me otherwise.  “The fact that they are new artists so open to suggestion, allows me room for creativity.”  He described working with Nappy Boy as a “giant family reunion with that one crazy uncle (T-Pain).”  EJ also pulled  some outfits for the Grammy winning recording artist, but I must say it was a riot trying to dress him.  The shirts were very cleverly and artistically altered with embellishments that one would think a character like T-Pain would find suiting but he had something candid to say about every option we presented him.  He would even fuss at us when we tried to adjust his outfits on set, but as I soon learned, it was only out of fun and just a part of his quirky sense of humor. 


Its refreshing and exciting to have the opportunity to work with new and young artist like these beautiful ladies because I feel they have the same hunger for success and faithful spirit for dream chasing that lives in me.  With Cole Rose’s crazy energy, Skye’s sexy vibe, and Crystal’s cool manner, Sophia Fresh has the perfect blend to becoming stars.  I hope my readers enjoy some of the candid pictures I took in between working, but some things will have to wait until the video to be revealed so stay tuned for the premiere of “This Instant” by Soph