Vogue Germany is upping the beauty and love ante with their triple cover June 2011 issue. Models Anja Rubik, Karolina Kurvkova and Alessandra Ambrosia were all photographed with their husbands for three seductive covers.The shoots were done by photographer Alexi Lubomirski and styled by Nicola Knels. Karolina Kurkova & Her Boo Archie Drury Show German Vogue Some “Liebe” (PHOTOS) […]

Hi Global Grind!! Back for another update! Guess what?? I made the honor roll!! Im so blessed that I can get good grades in school while juggling work, music, shows etc…My Dad is so proud of me! Lets see what I get lol. Last night, Me and my Dad met New York’s own Mayor Bloomberg […]


Hi Fam! It’s been a little busy lately but I wanted to take a moment to write you all about a few things. Last week on FB I urged everyone to get out and go to the polls for the latest mid-term elections. Yes people, although I’m thousands of miles away, I still stay up […]

I’m usually not a go hard party girl but I hit THREE clubs on Halloween night in New York City and kicked it with some cool people in amazing costumes. First stop was the Heidi Klum & Seal party at Lavo (thanx mike snedegar).  Second stop was RdV and last but not least was Kiss […]


What I cant live without: It took me a while to figure this out. But I can’t live without PHYSICAL ACTIVITY.. Ok. So like most women, my body goes through phases. But the truth is, I go through phases which affect my body. When I was unhappy, I would eat and not work out… not […]

Hey GlobalGrind! I’ve been a comedian since 1987. I started in college when a friend signed me up for the funniest person on campus contest. I never thought I was going to be a comic, I always loved watching comedy but never thought I would be doing it as a career. Neither did my family, […]

What’s up Global Grinders…I just wanted to hit you guys up and say how excited we are about our upcoming Mall Tour. Mindless Behavior is going all over the U.S. After going to the MTV VMA’s, all I could think about was when we’d finally get the chance to perform for all of our fans. […]

Hey Global Grind!!! It’s P.Star here and I just wanted to give you an update on how I’m doing nowadays. So we last left off with the movie P.Star rising and that’s been a success. The buzz for that movie is still around, ever since I found out it was on netflix. I’m now just […]

With the internet playing such a key part in modern day communication, it seems like the roles of celebrities in pop culture have changed drastically from one extreme to the other. In previous decades, movie stars and musicians were viewed as part of an elite, untouchable crowd. One would require connections in extremely high places in […]

King Of Paper Chasin’ opens in theaters today and a day I often envisioned is finally here. The number one question is how do I feel? Seemingly an easy enough question, but for some reason I’m finding it difficult to answer. The truth is I am experiencing a roller coaster of emotions. There are times […]

As proud as I am to live to see that we have a black President, it saddens me to know the reality is he is still A BLACK MAN in a world divided by so many divisions on race, religion, etc. [pagebreak] P.S. I wonder what they did to the idiot that threw that book? …. – Raheem  […]

To be invited as a guest blogger for GlobalGrind.com is hot! Thanks guys! It’s crazy, because this past week, I have really been grinding hard. I have had an amazing business opportunity that has come my way, so I’ve had to juggle promoting my book, and being well prepared for a business opportunity of a […]