Hey GlobalGrind! I’ve been a comedian since 1987. I started in college when a friend signed me up for the funniest person on campus contest. I never thought I was going to be a comic, I always loved watching comedy but never thought I would be doing it as a career. Neither did my family, especially my father who was not happy that I gave up my full scholarship to pursue this dream. I think his exact words were “who the f%&k told you that you were funny, you’re not funny. I’m way funnier than you!” But I still went for it.

leslie jones blog
I came back to Los Angeles to start, which to my avail was not easy. I did this spot on a show where Jamie Foxx told me that I didn’t have anything to talk about yet, since I was only 19 at the time. He told me to go out and live some, get your heart broke, break a couple hearts, get a job just live. So thats what I did, went back to school and started my journey down this path. I officially started back strong six years later at the Comedy Act theatre. I am proud to say that I’ve done everything from touring with Katt Williams to doing movies with Ice Cube. Its been a dream.
Doing Lottery Ticket was so fun. The cast and crew were so awesome. I played “Tasha” who was part of the stoop crew. We was Bow’s “protection” in the movie. Jason Weaver who was “Ray Ray,” became like family we still hang out to this day. The director Erik White was incredible he basically let me do what I do, so supportive and smart. Bow Wow was mad cool too, and folks he ain’t lil bow wow anymore. Definitely a grown ass man lol. And Ice Cube was really sweet also, surprisingly very quiet. Terry Crews was a fool, every scene we did together was all balls out!! So Fun. And Loretta Divine was really divine (like having your favorite aunt on set).

leslie jones blog
And this was something I wasn’t going to mention, but I think its important to say. While making this movie, my brother passed away. The whole crew and cast, I’m talking from transportation to craft services, embraced me like family. They made an impossible time possible, and from the bottom of my heart I will always thank them for that.




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