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To be invited as a guest blogger for is hot! Thanks guys! It’s crazy, because this past week, I have really been grinding hard. I have had an amazing business opportunity that has come my way, so I’ve had to juggle promoting my book, and being well prepared for a business opportunity of a lifetime. The cool thing is that I feel prepared for both. 

Over the years, I have seen many new ventures launched from the ground up, including GlobalGrind! While it’s not easy to manage large business opportunities with being a wife & mother, somebody’s got to do it.


I started my career over 10 years ago and when I look back, I’m sometimes in awe of the path that I have taken. Blessed and highly favored. I have worked hard over the years with many challenges along the way. One of my biggest challenges that I would ever face, would be a very personal one.  As I was trailblazing through high school, then college, then the workplace…Inside I was carrying so much anger, frustration and shame about my mother’s situation. She wasn’t a horrible mother. Not at all. She just fell in love with a married man, and stayed his Mistress for over 20 years. 

It was such a complicated set of emotions and feelings that I carried with me. I remember vividly being in college, and calling home to “check on Mom”. And the feeling of disappointment and shame when I could tell that Wayne (her then-married boyfriend) was around. I immediately felt like I would be fighting for her attention, even with the miles of distance between us. And on top of that shame, came the hurdle of battling alcoholism. Not only was she someone’s Mistress, but she was an alcoholic too. As crazy as it sounds though, there was something in their relationship that seemed really honest. And I secretly admired that about them. So I was emotionally torn inside.
As a young girl, I took on battles that were not mine to fight. And at some point in my life, the light bulb came on, and I decided to move on with my life. When I let go of my anger regarding them, the feeling of relief that came over me, was one of the best feelings in the world. I immediately felt compelled to share this journey with others that I knew may have also been dealing with a similar set of emotions, whether as the Wife, the Mistress, the Husband or the Child seeing this all take place…     

I have been so deeply moved by all the overwhelming support that I have gotten as I share this story with people across the country…This isn’t a story that celebrates being a Mistress. It’s a story of triumph. Of a little girl refusing to let her circumstances dictate what kind of life she should have, and also explores the cost of infidelity and how it tears families apart. Thanks for your support as I travel on this journey sharing this message.