The Daily Grind Video

Hi Global Grind!! Back for another update! Guess what?? I made the honor roll!! Im so blessed that I can get good grades in school while juggling work, music, shows etc…My Dad is so proud of me! Lets see what I get lol.

Last night, Me and my Dad met New York’s own Mayor Bloomberg at his Gracie Mansion with other speakers for Children’s World Forum. It was very exciting. Not to mention the place was huge!

Today I will be speaking and performing at the World Forum with Mayor Bloomberg and Former President Bill Clinton in attendance. In addition, my documentary Pstar Rising will be shown at the Gala dinner tonight.


My Dad Jesse, is finishing the chapters of his book about life and the family. He is also working on his non-profit organization called Father’s In Need (FIN). Be sure to look out for that soon.

As for my website, it is coming very very soon!! Me and my media manager Terrell are going over more creative ideas for it. Some footage and pictures from The World Forum will also be on my website, so you all can see my performance and speech.

Family is great, work is great, life is great! I want to thank you all of you for being supportive of me and what I’ve done so far in my career, as well as for what’s to come.

Luv you all!!! P-Star