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Hey Global Grind!!!

It’s P.Star here and I just wanted to give you an update on how I’m doing nowadays.

So we last left off with the movie P.Star rising and that’s been a success. The buzz for that movie is still around, ever since I found out it was on netflix. I’m now just on the grind again and working.

For those who don’t know me I was a home schooled student for five years, and now I decided to go back to school!!

And your probably wondering.. Hmm..How’s that going with your career? Actually, its not as mad as I thought. So far I’ve been on a good balance, and I get the best of both worlds.


High school is great!! As far as my career, right now I have a lot going on.

I’m in and out of meetings with certain and amazing producers I’m working on a new sound for me.

Some new songs, new music, new everything. I write everyday and my goal now is to start writing for other people, which I am doing as well. As for the acting side, this summer I worked with the TV show The Electric Company and I was working with some new faces !!!

It was awesome! And now for the TV show were are on the road doing live performances.

I also been busy on a couple of shows. One of the shows I have coming up, is called The World Forum 2010 NY You can check it out at for details.


I’m gonna talk about the movie and and perform a song or two. A lot of speakers will be there, as well as the mayor!! I can’t wait!!

My Dad Jesse Jess Diaz is working on a book about the family. From talking about the beginning stages of his hip hop career to raising us as a single parent. Definitely stay tuned for that!! Visit his facebook here.

I’ve got my twitter up and live!!! so please show love and follow me. And I also have a photoshoot coming up for my new website that my media manager Terrell is helping me with!!! I can’t wait, so be aware of that. Follow him at t3dproductions.

Well, as you can tell I’m on the grind like always and I will hope to give ya’ll another update pretty soon!! Life’s great, I can’t complain!!

Check out my updated youtube interview as well!

-Pstar|Follow Me@officiallypstar