The Daily Grind Video

I love how I can just stumble onto some new tunes. As much as I get hit with music from random angles, there is something amazing about finding it on my own. Nowadays, I’m finding new talent by surfing the web at the wee hours of the morning rather than ram-sacking dusty record shops, or being pushed to check what’s ‘supposed to be hot’ on the net, but I still get that love-music feeling when I come across some illness.

A group after my own name sake DTMD [Dunc & Toine Makin’ Dollas], (or if i humble myself, they are really showing honor to agruably the greatest two-man crew out of LI, NY, EPMD), straight out of the DMV area totally became a favorite of mine over the weekend. I was checking out the ultra fresh dudes Street Etiquette’s blog by way of and clicked their video link to the two dudes that have me feeling good about the future of hip-hop. Yes yall, they are that dope. Smooth beats with hard drums and a jazzy feel by Dunc and flow master lyrics with a slight lisp by Toine make for a beautiful mesh of gritty greatness. I’m sure some of my deep hip-hop homies might have heard of them, but I’m happy to know about them now.

I’m not totally in the dark about the guys though. Dunc has produced for another group that I respect highly, Diamond District. Earlier this year I raved about their ‘In The Ruff’ album and how dope it was. Glad I can see that good product is closely related.

If you are feeling the record, ‘You’ that has the video below, be sure to download their EP ‘The Basics’.

DTMD – You from dunc & toine makin’ dollas on Vimeo.