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Nas and Kelis (over 500,000 annually),

Swizz and Mashonda (Lump sum 700,000),

Paul McCartney and Heather Mills aka Heather Millions (48,000,000)

Tiger and Ellin (asking for 750,000,000),

All of the above have something in common, love gone bad and a huge payment to say goodbye. While thinking about that you may have an epiphany. You don’t want to be with your woman anymore, but you can’t afford to let her go (financially). Do you…?

A. Tell the her immediately about your epiphany

B. Go to bank and move your money back into a separate account

C. Find someone on the side to make for an easy transition

D. Ignore the feelings and keep the relationship going…


Choice A – Right off the top, A is a HELL NO! To quote the The Notorious B.I.G. -“Never let em know your next move. Don’t you know bad boy’s move in silence.” The reason is that if you haven’t decided what the next step is in your plan, then you shouldn’t make a move just yet. It may sound cold, but you should almost have your parachute ready from the beginning.This is not to be jaded, but an exit plan is helpful for any relationship. I don’t look forward to a fire in my home, but I have smoke alarms and fire extinguishers on hand just in case.

For an example, if Nas had considered his exit plan on day one before marrying Kelis, he would have a prenup in place that would be saving him roughly 500,000 dollars a year right now. Instead he is in court fighting for his money on regular basis. It’s one thing to build a life from nothing with someone and then they walk away with half of what you built together, but to build it, marry someone and they take half is just ridiculous. Figure out your next move and see if it is feasible right now. Sometimes you have to ride it out a little longer until you have an idea of how you will make it without this person.


Choice B – Moving money can be a big mistake, especially for a man. Courts like to get all Jon and Kate plus 8 on the fellas. Jon went in and took out 200,000 dollars out of the account that he and Kate shared. The court made him put it all back.

Not only that, but it looked as if he was a shady character after that move. You have to be subtle if you are going to make a move. Start a new account and make your deposits into that one. Side accounts are important if you have to make a move in the near future. Take out money in increments from your other account subtly.


Choice C – I think this is a bad move for so many reasons. For one, there is nothing more complicated than ending one rel

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