Wordly beauty, action star, ambassador and serial mom Angelina Jolie has just signed a $10 million deal to be the new face of French power brand Louis Vuitton, reports E! online. The global campaign is Jolie’s second turn with a luxury label after her contract with St.John ended last year. Legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz is […]

Charlie Sheen went on a rant so epic CBS shut down production of “Two And A Half Men” for the season. In this latest rant Sheen brags about his army of assassins, clowns, AA and their 5% success rate while talking up the fact that he’s a winner.  PHOTOS: Things That Should Be Removed From […]

This mom  tweeted a few pics of her cute lil’ baby boy, Daniel while at Cleveland Cavs game.

With Halloween just around the corner it’s imperative that you dress up as someone who will scare the crap of out everyone. Luckily we got the perfect people who you should be afraid of, a list of people that scare the Bejesus out of us.  So how do you qualify to be a scary person? […]

News came out that Mel Gibson was slated to make a cameo on the Hangover 2. It sounded like it was his first step in a comeback until he turned into the person we know and love: himself. His possible comeback was cut down when the cast and crew of the movie couldn’t stand working […]

While I was backstage at SOBs hosting the rebirth of hip hop event I was having a discussion about Mel Gibson, relationships and the hilarity of New York slang. Being the jokster I am I did my beat Macho Man Randy Savage impression and sold it as Mel Gibson. That’s when this lovely and thick […]


SWAG! Just a few days after his sold-out, very rare show at Santo’s Party House in New York City, Lil’ B the Based God has blessed us with another hot track. Mel Gibson has been in the news a lot recently, so it comes as no surprise that B would draw inspiration from him for […]

Mel Gibson is the most horrible person in the world. He threw the n-word at his ex girlfriend and baby mother wishing she get raped by a pack of blacks. Mel Gibson then threatened to have a female staffer reported to ‘people that take f—ing money from the wetbacks.’ Now he’s coming for the ‘Jews’ […]

By now, you’ve all heard the Mel Gibson tapes. Almost an hour’s worth of tape has leaked of Mel’s verbal tirade against his ex-girlfriend and mother of his daughter Oksana Grigorieva. Though the situation is by no means funny – abuse, be it verbal or physical, never is – a few of Mel’s tirades are […]

Mel Gibson can in stay in touch with his daughter with estranged wife Oksana. The judge ruled in favor of Mel Gibson. Robyn Gibson, former wife of Mel, testimony was a big reason why the judge ruled in his favor. Scott Gordon judge was a former prosecutor for Los Angeles County D.A. whose main job […]

Mel Gibson might be a racist jerk, who runs the Klan but do I think he’s a bad guy? Yeah he used racial slurs, but so does every single rapper you like. He’s a drunk who can’t handle his liquor and drunk dials a woman who may or may not be manipulative, but none of […]


Being a celebrity is an all-inclusive, 24/7 job. Outside of doing whatever it is that made them famous to begin with, there’s making TV appearances, red carpets, fundraisers, premieres, concerts and club cameos that help keep celebrities relevant and in the public eye.  But now that we are in the 21st century and the age […]