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News came out that Mel Gibson was slated to make a cameo on the Hangover 2. It sounded like it was his first step in a comeback until he turned into the person we know and love: himself.

His possible comeback was cut down when the cast and crew of the movie couldn’t stand working with the star. Gibson had been lined up to play a tattoo artist and it was toted as being a ‘pivotal’ role in the film.

The director Todd Philips thought Gibson would have been great for the film but after some time he didn’t have the support of the cast or crew to keep Gibson aboard.

Zach Galifiankis had, allegedly, the largest voice in the concerns over Gibson and his messy personal life. Don’t worry Zach (we refuse to spell your last name again) we don’t like him either.

The first thing we don’t like about him: He is delaying the release of The Hangover 2.


HERE are SIX MORE THINGS we HATE About Mel Gibson.

He ruined beards for us.

We like beards and some of the GlobalGrinders were even brandishing them like lumberjacks but unfortunately, with Mel Gibson wearing a beard like that one we had to shave our beards. We didn’t want to share any association with such a strange cropping of facial hair.

Thank you Mel Gibson, now only 18 year olds want to take us on dates to McDonalds.

His facial hair is offensive

His facial also did this. He has a certain resemblance to Satan and also Colonel Sanders. In turn, we have to hate him for that. Colonel Sanders is dead, Mel Gibson you need to respect that. Also, can you do something about those crazy eyes of yours.

The debate whether Mel Gibson was actually Satan incarnate tore our office apart. There are still bitter words between the factions and we can even retaliate by trimming our beard like yours because we don’t have facial hair.

He took away our vodka but he’ll never take our freedom

After making homophobic comments during an interview he apologized by telling the press that he been drinking quite a bit of vodka during it. Well, thank you again Mr. Gibson for taking something else from us.

We’re a superstitious bunch here over at GlobalGrind and now we can’t drink vodka for fear of turning into Mel Gibson. No one wants that; with his crazy eyes, evil facial hair, and uncontrollable urge to make himself loose worse in the public’s eye.

We don’t even think Mel Gibson wants to be Mel Gibson.

He touches beavers inappropriately

This one might be a stretch but that definitely looks like he is molesting that beaver and we’re just not down with that. Gibson even goes on that mock the beaver by imitating it’s painful cry.

That’s just wrong Mr. Gibson. So Wrong.


He acts like a Small Child

He re-affirmed our thoughts that there’s a child living behind that wrinkled forehead of his when the phone call was leaked between himself and Oksana Grigorieva. In the phone call he called various insults, made a racial