Mel Gibson can in stay in touch with his daughter with estranged wife Oksana. The judge ruled in favor of Mel Gibson. Robyn Gibson, former wife of Mel, testimony was a big reason why the judge ruled in his favor. Scott Gordon judge was a former prosecutor for Los Angeles County D.A. whose main job was to work with Domestic Violence. Mel Gibson still faces problems ahead, but this might be a bright side in the days ahead. Gibson’s former wife might hold the key to Mel’s innocence, as Judge Gordon has a motto, “a man who commits domestic violence against one woman does it to everyone he’s involved with” In addition the tapes are being questioned and may have been tampered with if L.A. County agrees the tapes will not be used in court. Oksana’s dentist visit for Mel Gibson’s chipping her tooth is also being questioned. Which then comes back to Robyn Gibson her sole testimony might be the only piece of evidence in the Mel Gibson Oksana divorce trial that might be used. The Mel Gibson saga has not ended it seems as if it only started.

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