Troll God Swaggy P wants to celebrate his new ring more like Rick James than LeBron.

A U.S. Coast Guard saved a sea turtle from an odd situation this week.

A video recently surfaced online of the Dolphins’ offensive line coach, Chris Foerster, snorting cocaine. The video was posted by Kijuana Nige, a stripper Foerster allegedly sent the video to because he missed her. You can watch the intense clip for yourself below. When explaining why she posted the video, Nige said, folks are “so quick […]

The art of taking a good selfie could involve a lot of things. You have to make sure the lighting’s right, your filter’s got to be popping and of course, your background can’t be a hot mess. Let’s face it, a background can say more about you than your actual face. Ask Kim Kardashian. The […]

When news broke back in 2012 that Whitney Houston had died due to a drug overdose, many people speculated that it was Bobby Brown who introduced her to narcotics. Since the star’s untimely death, it has been revealed that her brother Michael Houston was the one who introduced her to drugs. But sources say that it was her other […]

Poor Chipotle just can't shy away from bad press.

Looks like Future isn't the only fan of Gucci footwear.

A 36-year old woman was arrested in London after her racist rant on a London bus. The woman, whose name has not been released to the public, basically flew into a prejudice rage as she screamed at two Muslim women and referred to them as “ISIS bitches.” She continued: “I will pull back this long […]

A 59-year-old Florida man named Jose Manuel Arguelles was arrested at a gentlemen’s club this past Wednesday. Arguelles brought his underage daughter to the adult club and also let her use cocaine while there. Complex reports: Apparently Arguelles, who doesn’t know where to draw the line when it comes to being a cool dad, brought his daughter and […]

Khloe Kardashian is setting the record straight as far as rumors that there was cocaine at Kylie and Kendall Jenner‘s graduation party. E! Online reports: Kylie, 17, had posted a slew of clips on her account after the bash, which took place at mom Kris Jenner‘s house on Thursday and was hosted by Keeping Up With the […]