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The art of taking a good selfie could involve a lot of things. You have to make sure the lighting’s right, your filter’s got to be popping and of course, your background can’t be a hot mess. Let’s face it, a background can say more about you than your actual face. Ask Kim Kardashian.

The reality star had folks stressing when she posted a Snapchat and a powdery white substance appeared to be on the table in the background. Oh yes, people were screaming cocaine!

Well, after all the hype, Kim took to Twitter to clear things up. At first she thought it was candy someone left from Dylan’s Candy Bar.

People still weren’t convinced.

Finally, Kim cleared up the rumors once and for all and revealed that it wasn’t cocaine, it wasn’t candy, but it was the markings of a marble table.

That was a close one! Maybe she should ask for wooden tables.

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