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UPDATE: Monday, March 28 2:30 P.M.

The flight attendant who allegedly ditched two suitcases full of cocaine at LAX told her father her side of the story.

Somebody gave her the bag,” her father, who wouldn’t give his name, told the New York Post while standing outside of his South Jamaica, Queens home.

He continues, saying, “She said she didn’t know what was in” the bag. Reynolds has also been denied bail, which was previously set at $500,000, and her trial date is set for April 7.

Looks like Future isn’t the only fan of Gucci footwear.

Flight attendant Marsha Gay Reynolds fled a security check after allegedly leaving her Gucci shoes behind…And 68 pounds of cocaine. The 32-year-old former Jamaican beauty queen turned herself in in New York and was charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute while fleeing police at LAX.

Upon arriving at this checkpoint, Reynolds dropped her luggage, removed her shoes, and fled the area, running down an upward-traveling escalator and away from TSA officers,” prosecutors said in a statement.

According to NBC, TSA officers told the police that the flight attendant became visibly nervous and made a phone call in a “foreign language.” She was then escorted to the front of the screening area and suddenly dropped her luggage, took off her shoes, ran down an up escalator, and disappeared out of the building.

After searching her bags, authorities allegedly found 11 bricks of cocaine, clothing, condoms, and $5.38 in cash. Before police could catch her, she took a flight to JFK.

Reynolds was expected in court in New York today and faces 10 years to life in prison if convicted.


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