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As the President of Urban Music at JIVE Label Group and CEO of Bystorm Entertainment, I’ve been in the industry for years. I work with Usher, Chris Brown, Ciara, Miguel, Anthony Hamilton and Outkast. On a day-to-day basis, these are the artists I focus on and work with. I’m an A&R but I try to put my hand in everything. I feel like I’m an A&R on steroids. This industry is a non-stop game and there’s a lot of people trying to get in, but if you stay persistent and true to yourself it can happen


My role at JIVE is to oversea Urban black music. I know what my role is but I’m not the corporate guy, I love making the music. I feel like my strongest point is focusing on the creative part of the music making process. I’m a music guy and a passionate man and my first goal is to bring music back, and that’s what I focus on more so than anything, the music.

I’m the President of Urban Music and I’m thankful because God has definitely blessed me and shines on me, but I really don’t constantly know what it is that I’m going to say. I just enjoy working with the rhymes, the talent, in the studio, all day making records.

To make it in this game you have to stay persistent and stay relentless. As J. Cole’s manager, the first thing I focus on is again, the music. Getting him to a place to help support his vision is what’s important. He came to me with a vision but a lot of artists don’t always do this. Some artists may feel they have a vision but do not necessarily know how to take it or where to go. With J. Cole, he knew where he wanted to be.


It’s more like he’s the architect and I’m the engineer. It’s just getting him from point A to point B, teaching him and showing him how to pursue that vision. As his manager it’s important to show him the rights and wrongs, make him understand the mistakes that other artists make and have made, so he can learn how to make a decision on his own.

I don’t have a day-to-day plan on what the President of music is, but like I said I’m an A&R on steroids and that’s what my focus is on more than anything-the music. I always say I’d rather be a wise executive and a great music man. During my way up, I’ve stayed true to who I was. They always say it may take you longer but when you get there it feels better. When it finally happened for me, it’s when I realized I’m glad I stayed on the right path and I know 100% that was definitely the right way to be. It feels so much better because I can sleep at night and I feel good about myself. I’m so blessed and I’ve built it on morals, it feels good.

-Mark Pitts

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