MTV is currently highlighting Black trailblazers and content creators throughout the month including Brooklyn-based nail artist, Aja Walton. Aja utilizes her artistic talents in the latest 'Making Black History Now' campaign to create custom nail sets inspired by some of today's biggest acts in music. 

In the midst of so much tragedy, artists are continuing to push themselves creatively.

A-list cousins Hailey and Ireland Baldwin are the latest of Hollywood’s elite freshman class to take the fashion world by storm. Since signing with their respective modeling agencies, both 17-year-old Hailey and 18-year-old Ireland have graced the pages of a majority of the major fashion mags and become the faces of multiple brands. These girls […]

Bow wow wow yipee yo yippe yay, Snoop Doggy Dogg is in the houuuuse–er, nail salon. Any true Snoop Dogg fan knows the man loves three things: his weed, his house shoes, and his nails did. While this may not be the first time we’ve seen him with a mean mani, it’s always a delight […]

You’ve heard the warning about the germs lurking in your nail salon, but this is one instance that will make you heed the warnings with more care. Bruce Walters, 63, nearly lost his leg and his life after contracting a deadly virus. Bruce explained how ailment began to NBC saying: “They had some type of instrument that […]

Every year, there comes a time when all the best in the world of music come together to celebrate their work and the work of their peers. But let’s be real: they actually come to wear really, really cool shit. While some of the style stars we normally look forward to were noticeably absent (Rihanna, […]

Gwen Stefani’s baby is finally here! While we are excited about the little one she has growing inside her, that’s not the baby we’re talking about; OPI has officially released their collaboration with the rocker, and it has us feeling hella good. When the news of the collaboration was announced back in October, OPI stated […]

Who said nail art was dead? As long as trend-setter Rihanna is getting her tattooed hands blinged out, we’re going to say it still has a place in our mani-loving hearts. Even though she has permanently been placed on Santa’s naughty list, the self-proclaimed bad gal still got into the holiday spirit while visiting her […]

Kylie Jenner really is one stylish gal. It’s no secret that the Kardashian sister is a big fan of fashion, so it’s no wonder she’s also a huge fan of eccentric nail art. Kylie recently indulged in a fancy manicure for her nails at Laque Nail Bar, which were donned in all black with an […]

Turn a blind eye to all the Christmas carols and snowflakes dominating shopping centers for just one moment and revel in the idea that Thanksgiving is right around the bend. But before we roast those chestnuts on an open fire, we’ve gotta eat some turkey! Whether you’re deep frying or oven roasting your turkey is […]