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Coronavirus has changed life as we know it. Most forms of entertainment we were enjoying as recently as two weeks ago — NBA games, festivals, the list goes on  — have been shut down and no one knows how long the closures will last. Many businesses have asked employees to work from home, others have closed their doors and laid workers off. Whether your home is on total lockdown, sheltering in place, or suggesting residents practice social distancing, a lot of the world has come to a sudden halt. Interaction currently includes reaching out to others by phone, email, social media, and streaming — and if today’s reports are any indication, it could be this way, or worse, for a while.

“The US has more than 74,000 cases of novel coronavirus, and least 1,046 people have died,” CNN reported earlier, adding “The highest number of deaths reported in a single day came Wednesday, with 223 deaths.” Still, we haven’t seen the peak of this worldwide crisis yet, according to former Louisiana Secretary of Health Dr. Rebekah Gee, who spoke with the site.

“The widespread shutdown of businesses to try to control the outbreak has led to a record number of Americans filing for their first week of unemployment benefits,” CNN goes on. “About 3.3 million Americans filed for initial jobless claims during the week that ended Saturday, according to newly released Department of Labor statistics. That’s the highest number of initial jobless claims since the Department of Labor started tracking the data in 1967.”

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In the midst of so much unspeakable tragedy, artists are continuing to push themselves creatively because all we really can do at this point is stay home, stay uplifted through what we love, and keep our virtual community tight-knit in these horrible times. DJ D-Nice’s live stream set had countless stars like Michelle Obama and Gabrielle Union tuned in (if you weren’t online for that, you missed one of the biggest parties of our time). There’ve also been live stream concerts, the at-home version of several talk shows, and interestingly, it looks like nail techs are starting to become inspired by our new reality as well. One celebrity nail tech, Mei Kawajiri, is making headlines for her full sets in particular…

Here are her “hand sanitizer (aloe) nails.”

These “stay home” nails are inspired by all the entertainment options many of us have in our own homes.

And here are a few more looks…

We are keeping our nation and the rest of the world in our prayers at this time and will continue to keep you updated as new reports surface.

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