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You’ve heard the warning about the germs lurking in your nail salon, but this is one instance that will make you heed the warnings with more care. Bruce Walters, 63, nearly lost his leg and his life after contracting a deadly virus.

Bruce explained how ailment began to NBC saying:

“They had some type of instrument that they were putting underneath my nail of my great toe and then I think they punctured it.”

He didn’t think anything of it, but 10 days later, when he returned to D.C., from his native Indiana, he started experiencing flu-like symptoms, was not completing sentences was “kind of disoriented” and experiencing confusion. 

Doctors at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital then found an infection raging through Walters’ body, particularly in his leg. The most likely cause, they said, was bacteria that entered his big toe during the pedicure.

“He was getting so much swelling in his leg that it was cutting off circulation to his leg, and if that continued, he was going to lose the leg,” said Dr. John Steinberg with MedStar Georgetown University Hospital.

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SOURCE: NBC Washington | PHOTO CREDIT: Getty