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Turn a blind eye to all the Christmas carols and snowflakes dominating shopping centers for just one moment and revel in the idea that Thanksgiving is right around the bend. But before we roast those chestnuts on an open fire, we’ve gotta eat some turkey!

Whether you’re deep frying or oven roasting your turkey is none of our business, we’re just concerned about how your manicure looks while you’re doing it.

Holidays are always the best excuse to deck your fingers out in themed manicures, and Thanksgiving is no exception to the rule.

Whether you want to opt for a turkey and pilgrim design option, or keep it a little more serious with a foliage colorway, the abundance of design options for the holiday are endless, but we made it easy to inspire a little gobble in your life by rounding up a whole gallery of turkey-inspired nail art. 

Remember it’s the last chance at a holiday manicure hoorah, before it’s all glitter this and Christmas that! Check out the gallery above for some inspiration for Thanksgiving manicures, and a few cameos from Snoopy and the gang.

Give Thanks For Turkey Nail Art (PHOTOS)
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