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In celebration of Father’s day we here at GG wanted to highlight a few fathers. But not just any father because there are many fathers out there.

But for this list we want to highlight the fathers that have gone from being a child star to having their own children.

When you start out as a child star you get to have your life documented, and in these cases you get to share them with your own children and show them how things were when they were growing up.

Whether it was starting out in an R&B group, in a band with your brothers or on a TV show, these former child stars have grown up into great Dads.


Child star status: Singer

Children: Usher Raymond V and Naviyd Ely Raymond



Child star status: music group

Children: Issac – Clarke Everett Hanson and James Monroe Hanson

Taylor – Jordan Ezra Hanson, Penelope Anne Hanson, River Sammuel Hanson and Viggo Moriah Hanson

Zack – John Ira Shepherd Hanson


Kel Mitchell

Child star status: TV Show – All That

Children: Allure Mitchell and Lyric Mitchell


Fred Savage

Child star status: TV Show – The Wonder Years

Children: Oliver Philip Savage and Lily Aerin Savage


Mark Paul Gosselaar

Child star status: TV Show – Saved By The Bell

Children: Michael Charles Gosselaar and Ava Lorenn Gosselaar


Corey Feldman

Child star status: Movies – The Goonies

Children: Zen Scott Feldman

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