The Daily Grind Video

What a crazy summer it has been! I’ve been running around in Los Angeles for the past 2 months like a chicken with its head cut off! I’m finally getting to slow down, but just barely since in just one month we will enter….dun, dun, dun….awards season!! (AKA the reason why I can never take a vacation in the early months of fall!)

What have I been up to? Well, my clients have kept me plenty busy. Last night I attended the series finale of “The Hills”. It was held at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood and was absolutely what the doctor ordered for a final farewell to the show that changed reality television for the world. There was a little bit of Spencer Pratt insanity in play during the first portion of the evening (check Perez Hilton’s nonsense gossip blog for more information), but overall the vibe was fun, friendly, and a celebration of a group of young twenty something’s who have grown up in front of our eyes (literally). The only pain of the evening was that it fell on the first truly scorching hot day we’ve had this summer. Nothing says beauty and glamour like sweating outside from 4:00pm on.


I’ve also dealt with a client’s album release – which has actually gone exactly as planned for a change. We held the release party at the House of Blues Sunset Strip and the place was packed! From fellow musicians to actors and industry professionals, the artist truly brought down the house. Three nights later I attended the premiere of “Eclipse” with another one of my client’s who happens to be in the film. (I know you would love for the juicy details, but how would I ever remain anonymous if I let tidbits of information like that slip??) The movie was the best of the saga yet (my guess is most of you have already seen it), and the after party was bigger and better than ever. It was held on the roof of the Nokia Theater (where the film was screened), and within its walls was a floating, yellow (balloon) moon, as well as a working waterfall which poured into a manmade (removable) pond. It’s as if stepping into this world instantly removed me from the homeless man asking me for spare change on the side of the street to good ole’ Forks, Washington.


Ladies and Gentleman – lets stop for a moment to go over everything I’ve just discussed and remind you that it is not all glitz and glamour. Pouring sweat on a red carpet in high heels that are playing Freddy Krueger on your feet for hours is probably the least fun thing you could ever do with your evening. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE what I do. It isn’t easy though. Like any good event, I will most likely begin each evening with a frantic phone call from my client. The car has not arrived. The make-up person is late. They lost one of their $3000 earrings and it was loaned to them. They have hit traffic and will be showing up at the exact same moment Tom Cruise wishes to drop out of a helicopter onto the carpet (this has never actually happened – but you get my point – and IF it ever were to happen I can absolutely guarantee you it WOULD be at the exact same moment my client was arriving; late). Something will always go wrong. Do you ever wonder why you see publicist’s portrayed in movies as b*tchy alcoholics