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Atlanta group Vanity Rose paid tribute to some legendary girl groups in honor or Black Music Month. Click inside to check it out!

Today is International Women's Day which means it's time for the ladies to be more amped and empowered than ever. Listen to our favorite girl power anthems inside.

Watching these artists are like watching your life on screen.

Today is Chilli‘s 47th birthday and we simply cannot believe it because, as you can see from the photo above, she has barely aged since her TLC days. Hit the flip for more hot photos of Chilli who, again, is somehow almost 50 years old. Allegedly.

One thing that sitcoms from the 90s and early 2000s weren’t shy of doing is featuring the hottest artists of the time. There’s something about seeing Destiny’s Child on Smart Guy, or 3LW on Taina that screamed, “we know our audience, and here’s our gift to you.” Don’t act like Beyoncé leading “Amazing Grace” didn’t […]

Earlier this week, folks were on Twitter reminiscing about the good ole days when TLC dropped their bombshell hit “No Scrubs.” “Can y’all imagine if TLC ‘No Scrubs’ came out today in 2018,” @F_OutMyDMs asked her followers. “Twitter men would be HOT boy.” It’s likely she’s right. When T-Boz, Left Eye, and Chilli put the […]


Summer is here! Get ready for the beach, barbecues, good times in the sun with friends and, of course, music. This year, the sound of summer 2017 will be shaped by a number of albums. R&B songstress SZA and hip-hop’s biggest curator, DJ Khaled, have already stirred some of the biggest buzz. Veteran artists, like […]

As TLC preps for their self-titled fifth studio album, the two members are taking the time to reflect on their careers. They dished on the past and the present in a new Billboard magazine story. One of the more surprising moments came when L.A. Reid‘s name was mentioned. The big time industry exec first signed […]

Ever since TLC announced they were working on a new album, fans have been super excited. Chilli‘s comments last week about all lives mattering may have discouraged some folks, but their latest performance added fuel to the fire. T-Boz and Chilli made their UK comeback on London’s Tonight at the Paladium and the Internet drag session […]