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If there is one thing that Tyrese knows better than any of us, it has to be abs.  What is he up to these days?  He’s putting abs and Asians together by producing a reality show called ‘K-Town’ which will follow the format of the Jersey Shore to showcase Asians like you’ve never seen before.

The Jersey Shore is a specific subculture which comes with its own rules, uniform, code of conduct and likewise Korea Town is a removed world which one cannot enter without passing various rites of passages.  Following the formula of its predecessor K-Town is cast accordingly.



It may be a surprise to some, but bleach blond over-tanned girls in preppy clothes are more abundant than palm trees on the West Coast.  Asian American males trying to fight their emasculated image in mainstream media can often be found drinking too many protein shakes and chasing those blond-wanna-be girls all over Korea Town.  Many guys at the casting call claim that they are the Asian Situation or even more corny- Situ-Asian which makes us wonder why the stereotypical Asian American in Hollywood or televison all seem so ‘different’ from the rest.  The producers want to higlight just how much Asian Americans have appropriated mainstream elements into their own subculture which results in a unique intersection of ideologies and aesthetics.

Most are probably wondering how Tyrese will convince bible-study-loving Asians who turn tomato red with one sip of alcohol, to be outrageous enough to gawk at on reality television.  But producers and K-Town regulars know that there is little work involved with riling up rowdy Asians.  The K-Town bunch are already conditioned with soap operas from birth and lubricated with soju. 



‘K-Town’ will be like a secret agent for outsiders who have no access to what goes on within the few blocks that define ‘Korea Town’.  Like a fraternity, they K-Towners remain exclusive within themselves and members must go through an intensive initiation process, and hazing is definitely allowed. 

Bowls of soju will be chugged by hopeful K-Town members, then put in the spotlight to perform karaoke songs, become enslaved as a worthless intern to their elders, drink every glass of Johnny Walker poured into the glass, walk through the gauntlet of picking up girls through ‘booking’, and last the entire night until 5 AM to eat ungodly spicy foods before trekking out of Wilshire or Midtown Manhattan in a black cab.

Take a look at an interview with the producers and the cast of ‘K-Town’ who will be dubbed the ultimate Asian-Guido and Snooki. 

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