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Lindsay Lohan’s prison sentence has been one of the most talked about topics, as of late. In an effort to avoid actually serving time behind bars, the actress checked herself into a sober house that was founded by LA attorney, Robert Shapiro.

Lindsay probably hopes that this move will help the judicial powers-at-be to see that she’s taking her addiction problems seriously, so that she can avoid being locked up. But if her attempt at straightening up isn’t taken seriously by the judge, there are a few celebrities who’ve made spending time behind bars work for them.

She’s already trying to make it work, appearing on the cover of German GQ but if she wants to take things a step further,here are 7 Things Lindsay Can Learn From Former Celebrity Inmates.


50 Cent

Lindsay already took one of 50’s quotes and threw it out at Joan Rivers to respond to Rivers’ taunts. Check out their Twitter beef:

Lindsay fired back at the comedian, saying that she was a perfect match for the father Lindsay doesn’t exactly get along with, and then, quoting 50 –

but if Linds does got to jail, it might be beneficial for her to capitalize on her new hardcore, jailbird image. 50 Cent was rapping before he went away, but after being released from jail, the man really came out swinging. By the time Get Rich or Die Tryin’ hit shelves, everyone knew 50’s name and his story.


Lil’ Wayne

Since he’s been in Rikers, Wayne has written four letters to his fans to make sure that they don’t forget about him while he’s away. That could definitely be a good move for Lindsay. Hardcore Disney fans still adore her, and root for her to come out even better than she was during her Mean Girls days, and people who are anti-Lindsay will definitely enjoy tearing her letters apart. Either way, it can’t hurt for her to remind the public that she’s still Lindsay Lohan, dammit.



Tupac recorded Me Against The World just weeks before he went to jail on sexual assault charges, and while he was locked up, the album took the number 1 spot on the U.S. Billboard 200. If Lindsay wants to do this ish right, she’ll come out with some hotness for all of us