Looks like Tegan and Sara can show what they’re made of, as far as being hosts! The twin sisters are co-hosting the mtvU Woodie Awards at this year’s SXSW. But they won’t be partaking in hosting duties alone, Machine Gun Kelly will be right alongside them. [Idolator] It’s always good to move past things, and […]

It must have been a bittersweet couple of weeks for Tegan & Sara. The good: The sisters’ seventh album, Heartthrob, recently dropped and it debuted in the top 10 on the Billboard 200. The not so good: the two ended up not winning the one Grammy they were nominated for this year. However things ended […]

Tegan & Saraare two sisters that certainly bring you “Closer!” NEW MUSIC: Theophilus London feat. Tegan & Sara! Anyone who’s ever watched the films Monster-in-Law and Sweet November, or even a show like 90210, can say in unison that they’ve heard songs from Tegan & Sara, being that their music has been featured on both […]

Every day there are tons of music related tidbits that float around the internet, but how is one to know what’s good, what’s worth listening to and what everyone will be talking about tomorrow? Well, you’re in luck, because GlobalGrind has rounded up some of the coolest, most buzz-worthy musical information of the day and […]

Beyonce tried to avoid the paparazzi while heading out to start her day. The “Diva” singer wore a hood over her head and some blue jeans as she headed into her car and hurried off. Also making celeb photos of the day today is Lindsay Lohan, who dropped to her knees and put her head […]

Rihanna remained quiet this week as her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown had his moment to shine. Here she is seen turning her back towards the camera as she headed into her car. Also in back shots is Lindsay Lohan who has officially dropped the Lohan from her name and is now just Lindsay! She looked over […]

Celebrity addiction is nothing new, but over the decades everyone has seen celebs spiral out of control while battling their addiction to alcohol, hard-core narcotics, prescription drugs, and even Celebrity addiction is nothing new, but over the decades we have seen celebs spiral out of control while battling their addiction to alcohol, hard-core narcotics, prescription […]

It’s hard to know what celebrities are up to because they’re always out and about, but we’ve caught up with today’s hottest celebs. GlobalGrind’s best celebrity photos of the day captures your favorite stars on a daily basis. Whether it’s clubbing, going to lunch, or spending quality time with their family, we’ve got it! Chris […]

Style watchers were perched in anticipation of Lindsay Lohan‘s second court appearance in one month. We too wondered what the troubled actress would be wearing to her Preliminary Hearings after her earlier February 9th court date. VIDEO: Lindsay lohan Steams Up Theopolis London’s ‘OOPS’ The actress faces jail time due to grand larceny and parole […]

Why does this keep happening? Yes, Lindsay is a rich, young and good looking starlet, but does that give her a non-expiring get out of jail free card? It shows you just how twisted our legal system can be. This chick can hire teams of lawyers to get her out of just about anything she […]

Lindsay McCormick isn’t only an avid sports fan and reporter from Houston, Texas, she’s also rumored to be romantically linked to New York Jets heartthrob Mark Sanchez. If it’s news about a quarterback and pretty girl the New York Post’s Page Six has the scoop. It seems that McCormick and Sanchez ‘have known each other as friends for […]

At the Betty Ford Clinic, Lindsay Lohan has been progressing pretty well. However as of late, Lindsay Lohan plotted a escape plan and failed miserably. In fact, according to Radar, Lindsay Lohan was jonesing for a Coke, don’t worry! it’s just the soda she wants! Coca Cola. So, in an attempt to quench her thirst, […]