The Daily Grind Video

Inspired by the Bob Dylan album ‘Love and Theft’, Andreas Hykade directed and animated a 7 minute ethereal journey into the unknown matrix behind the innocent characters we once loved as children.  Watching the development and morphine of the characters will transport the viewer into a microscopic view of watching a nucleus of a cell grow into a magnificent symphonic entity conflicted in its identity. 

The chromosomes of life represented by the the outlines of cartoon figures progressively come to life driven by the heart thumping throughout the piece.  Starting from the basic cell, we can observe dots grow into lines, then into recognizable figures.



The pentatonic piano chords introduce us to the object, while and accelerating bass rhythm feeds the creature evolving its form from Hello Kitty to Goofy to Tweety Bird, Jesus, Charlie Brown, Droopy in seamless transitions driven by the percussive heartbeat.  Clanking of innocent crystals and xylophones are counteracted by the darker cadence of the tuba and deep brass lines, showing us a glimpse of its hubris.  Synthetic psychedelic arpeggios turn this cantata into a soul-funk Hauschka party while we experience a turbulently accelerated look at the growth of life within this schizophrenic creature.

As the the electronic melody continues in a haphazard pizzicato, the colorless figure explodes into being as guitar grooves start layering itself on top of what evolves into a Tom Waits-ish number.  Just at the brink of climax, the piece takes a turn into a gangster-car-chase-scene theme song grooving with Hendrix inspired bass lines injecting extra juice into the creature. 

In full color, the pregnancy of the creature is almost over and it is ready to breath.  Continually morphing between vaginal and phallic forms, the various characters implode within each other until being materialized in full figure of a steroid saturated Godzilla trying to divulge itself from its smaller identities.  



Finally the monster splits, it can no longer handle the perilous internal armageddon of love and hate, while desperately chasing the enemy and jumps through a black hole of weightlessness.  In this moment of transcendence we reach a peaceful intergalactic ritardando of a cinematic and pensive string requiem. 

‘Love and Theft’ is like watching a speed-warped footage of seed growing into a tree  or a fetus from conception to birth.  Andreas Hykade has fully captured the the essence of creation by using familiar characters in wildly imaginative form combined with music.  Check out more of his works here!