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Yesterday Argentina legalized same sex marriage nationwide becoming the first Latin American country to allow gay couples to have the same rights and protection as heterosexual couples.  It’s about time that we adjust legislations according to the changes in society and re-evaluate our state of ‘equality’ throughout the nation.   The 16 hour debate was a close call with 33 voting in favor of, and 27 voting against, finally at the wee hours of 4 AM the decision was made.

Don’t be too quick to celebrate though because there is an overwhelming amount of work to be done right here in America.  While Argentina has taken a profound step towards equality, our nation is still plagued with ignorance and intolerance.

With Arizona adamant about racially profiling immigrants and the Tea Party vigilantly attacking the NAACP, it is no surprise that America’s disposition for prejudice surfaces once again.  Toleration is not enough as it only allows pluralism and superficially peaceful coexistence.  It’s not enough that gay people get to participate in Pride Week, they deserve to see their loved ones at a hospital and have these same tax benefits, adoption rights, and inheritance rights as heterosexual couples. 


70% of Argentines are in favor of same sex marriage while even just 5 years ago they were against legalized civil unions.  The Roman Catholic Church and other religious evangelists protested in a group of 60,000 against the law.  Argentina is less secular than western democratic countries which makes it even more frustrating that religious zealots have such a foothold in the rigid ideologies of humanity persuading the legislative process in America.

If America believes it is as progressive as they are fronting, they better get with the program.  Mexico City, Buenos Aires, and other cities Brazil and Mexico allow same sex marriages as well as Uruguay nationwide.  Colombia also gives gay couples inheritance rights and health insurance.  The gay rights movement has gained much momentum throughout South America while the U.S. has been stagnating.  Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusettes, New Hampshire, Vermont allow for legal same sex marriages.  But most recently, Washington, D.C. just underwent a humanitarian attack with anti-gay activists challenging the March ruling which allowed same sex marriages.  The highest courts narrowly upheld gay marriage in a 5-4 decision.

‘The judges said they were convinced that the council would not have authorized “any initiative” that would have discriminated against residents and violated the Human Rights Act. The judges also wrote that the board “correctly determined that the proposed initiative would have the effect of authorizing such discrimination.” 

The judges further stated that the council “was not obliged to allow initiatives that would have the effect of authorizing discrimination prohibited by the Human Rights Act to be put to voters, and then to repeal them, or to wait for them to be challenged as having been improper subjects of initiative, should they be approved by voters.”

Based on that conclusion, the judges ruled that the board acted lawfully in refusing to accept the Jackson initiative.’