Hide yo’ kids – Antoine Dodson will have his very own little bundle of joy soon! The formerly gay internet sensation, who became famous for fighting bedroom intruders, is now straight and having a baby with a woman he won’t name. Though this came as a shock to many, after becoming a member of the […]

Well, that’s an odd switch-up! Antoine Dodson might be known as the guy who told everyone to “hide yo kids, hide yo wife” over the past few years, but now he might be making another name for himself. Even though many believe him to be gay, it looks like Antoine is renouncing himself and claiming […]

We’ve all seen Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, but none of us have seen it like this! VIDEO: Spoken Reason Raps Hilarious “Electric Wheelchair!” Todrick Hall, most notable for his funny YouTube video parodies, has thrown Belle into the hood. In the hilarious video, you can follow the Disney character as she prances through the […]

This story is about nothing more than the brain-busting pondering of celebrity bliss and all the things they do that make you go hmmm … To get your brain running during midday, GlobalGrind has presented celebrity imponderables. There may be no specific explanation or reason, but GlobalGrind is sure that ‘hmmm’ moments will serve as […]

There are millions of sneakerheads in the world, so if there are any of you out there with a little trouble and need a way to “pop the question”. Thanks to Nike sneakers worry not! There is a Nike Air Force 1 that has the help you need, they were designed by Brandon Renken of […]

I don’t even know if I should laugh, frown, gasp, or puke!     First Eva denied it, then a filling in the City of Angels (go figure). Well according to ‘thee stories’ out there, Tony was… well…a Spur! Sorry, that one was way too easy. Everytime I hear of so called ‘A’ listers, ‘celebs’, ‘sports figures’ or ‘the […]

Drake’s mother is out of the loop when it comes to her famous son’s romantic life.  

Snooki, reality star from the cast of ‘Jersey Shore,’ says she isn’t marrying her now ex-boyfriend, Jeff Miranda. Miranda proposed to Snooki on the cover of ‘Steppin’ Out Magazine‘ and she broke up with him right after. Snooki made the announcement via twitter saying ‘Just want to set the record straight. I’m single and I’m […]


Hello GlobalGrind Familia: It’s @firstladyeve! The key to being in love, is first loving yourself – and always having self- respect! I must admit, when it comes to dating, I certainly have a list of Do’s. If you want to be my lover, you’ve got to… YOU MUST LOVE MY DAUGHTER! My beautiful, smart, and […]

Everything seemed just peachy keen for Lamar Odom after Team USA basketball win over France. He headed out in New York City with with Khloe Kardashian and a posse including Fabolous and b-ball buddy Kevin Durant. However Lamar’s ‘overly-friendly’ behavior but a damper on the evening as Khloe became increasingly irritated, cursed out her husband, […]


Baaaaaybee yesterday was ‘reach out kiss the kids’ day in West Hollywood! It was enough ‘happy energy’ in West Hollywood you would have thought they were shooting a Care Bears musical, seriously. If you don’t know, yesterday a U.S. district judge in San Francisco overturned California’s controversial Prop 8, rejecting the same-sex marriage ban and […]


VIA AP Justice has come to California for our Gay brother’s and sisters. A person close to the case says a federal judge has overturned California’s same-sex marriage ban in a landmark case that could eventually land before the U.S. Supreme Court. Chief U.S. District Judge Vaughn Walker made his ruling Wednesday in a lawsuit […]