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I don’t even know if I should laugh, frown, gasp, or puke!  

  First Eva denied it, then a filling in the City of Angels (go figure). Well according to ‘thee stories’ out there, Tony was… well…a Spur! Sorry, that one was way too easy. Everytime I hear of so called ‘A’ listers, ‘celebs’, ‘sports figures’ or ‘the famous’ among the movie, sports, music, and acting career, getting together, my initial impression is as always; start the countdown clock, T-minus, fill in the blanks with the appropriate time frame to the end of the relationship. Geez, can we please find someone doing what they need to do to take it pass at least the decade point among these people? I mean, c’mon man, I lost count of all the husband and wife, boyfriend and girlfriend swappings at Diddy and J-Lo.

Don’t people deserve sustained happiness? There should be a rule of thumb in this high Glam world they live in; MARRY SOMEONE TOTALY OUTSIDE OF THIS SPOTLIGHT!!! Check Denzel and Samuel. But personally, I don’t see how actors get married anyway. The thought of someone else making out with my wife is just plain nasty from every angle I look at it, acting or no acting, and no amount of money, lifestyle, pleasure will ever get me to agree with it. But that’s just me, a small speckle on this tiny island on mine here in The Bahamas, who these celebs don’t even know nor care about, but that is another suject for another blog, but I will say this; this is only one of many sistuations that has made it to the spotlight. i.e. Kobe, Shaq, and who ever else is waiting to fall. 

This is serious, we are talking about people who are looked at as role models, for our next generation. What will they have to grasp? Ah yes, the 50 and 60 year old, ‘regular’ going strong marriages of our parents, grandparents, and others, even through the rocky times, they are finding the ways to stay in it and at it. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when certain things must result in a split, but, how many ‘do-overs’ the rich and famous is going to get? When will they realize that money, fame, and fortune is not the equation that results in long-term happiness?  

Pssst…..hey….entertainment world, celebs……take a look, no…a dead stare into the life and at us regular people, see how we are sustaining our marriages, take some notes. Maybe, just maybe, you guys can stay married well beyond your golden years. 

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