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Teenage boy enjoying listening music while relaxing lying on a couch at home.

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May showers, brings flowers in the form of Mental Health Awareness Month, which was founded to shift our mental health culture from awareness to action. The movement is powered by a growing coalition of over 1700 nonprofits, brands and agencies in over 30 countries. Read 10 self-care tips to stay sane through the madness inside.

Mental Health is health and action looks different for everyone. Mental Health Action Day encourages and empowers everyone to take action for themselves, for their loved ones, or for their community based on what works best for them.

This movement is powered by a growing coalition of more than 1750 nonprofits, brands, government agencies, and influential leaders from more than 32 countries that spread the message that, just like our physical health, we can take actions to improve our mental health.

A few actionable ways to resolve mental health issues could be prioritizing rest, eating healthy and regular meals, and practicing gratitude. The list goes on, but what is most important is discerning what works best for you as an individual when creating your personalized mental health plan.

If you have concerns about your or someone else’s mental health, please contact a medical professional or call 988 for a free, confidential conversation. Be sure to visit the Mental Health Action Day website for more tools and information.

Here are a few self-care tips to stay sane today:

  • Get in touch with nature.
  • Limit social media intake.
  • Be kind to yourself and give yourself grace.
  • Write out your thoughts.
  • Create a morning routine for yourself and stick with it.
  • Seek help in the form of therapy.
  • Remember: it’s okay to not be okay.
  • Raise awareness to your friends and family.
  • Check on your strong friend!
  • Share your story or how you’re recharging on Instagram and Twitter with #WorldTeenMentalWellnessDay