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Where have I been you all ask??? Well, here it goes the journey of my life within a month, yes a month… Pay attention because this is the roller coaster ride of all roller coaster rides as I take you on a journey from coast to coast & even out of the country… Am I tired, you may wonder and the answer is NO, I am hungry for more!!!!

So, today as I sit here writing to you I am thinking that today is the day for planting flowers, reading a beautiful poem, saying a silent prayer, walking in the rain, painting a picture of a beautiful reflection, writing a letter, taking a trip to London & more… Believe it or not, I did all of the things that I listed within a single month! Yes, within a month I accomplished tons of personal goals that can not measured with simple words so sit back and enjoy my journey….

Wow, where do I begin so that you all can enjoy this journey, my summer journey!!! I must admit that the summer of 2010 has been totally insane, filled with great memories and pleasures!!!!

I have grown so much in my personal and professional life this summer… This summer has totally knocked me off of my feet, leaving traditional wedding music playing in the background as the summer air breezes by with plenty of heat and sunshine following in the shades of my shadow this summer has allowed me to grow with the triumph of love and lost love. So, here I sit a new woman! Yes, this summer as allowed me to discover more about myself than I ever knew so I thank the SUMMER of 2010… LOL!


I had to literally drag myself out of the “ex lover’s land” which means that I became sort of obsessed with my career which technically is NOT a bad thing because I was allowed to grow within my profession… Like, one minute I was eating Jell-O and developing press releases for clients in the console of my condo in Miami but within the blink of an eye, I was jet setting across the United States with clients. Literally, I was in meetings, at photo shoots, and events every other week! What woman could ask for more? I am/was living my DREAM.

Ladies, let me tell you that there is no better way to start your journey than recovering from a long term relationship that obviously did NOT work! I work(ed) long days and partied all night while increasing my frequent flyer miles… So, in my opinion there is nothing more rewarding to cure a young woman’s broken heart outside of working hard, friends and family!

Well, I am sure you would like more details about “My Summer of Growth!” Let’s just say that I have NOT been sitting around “twiddling” my fingers due to a broken heart or failed relationship… I have created somewhat of a following among female readers with my personal blogs on Global Grind so I do not mind sharing my life and growth. I have been receiving emails like, “why did you stop writing every week,” “I love your humorous blogs because they are witty and engaging” so I am back to give my ladies some encouragement by offering my journey!

I was a bit, okay well let me be honest, I was completely overwhelmed with client requests, meetings, and side projects so I am sharing my “JUICE OVERLOAD!” LOL. I am proud to say that even though my summer “flings” (YES, flingS) where short lived or jeopardized to exist only in the moment and not in my reality but I still enjoyed every moment of each fling! (LOL)


I traveled to Wimbledon, London with my client and friend