Mehcad Brooks and Elisabetta Canalis have officially called it quits. The actor got into a public tift with the model and former George Clooney love interest. VIDEO: Elisabetta Canalis Got Some ‘Necessary Roughness’ From Mehcad Brooks RadarOnline has reported that the two have split following a spat in the lobby of Elisabetta’s West Hollywood apartment building Thursday night. […]

New lovebirds Elisabetta Canalis and Mehcad Brooks were spotted overseas and coupled up earlier today. COUPLE ALERT: Elisabetta Canalis Got Some “Necessary Roughness” From Mehcad Brooks Dressed in their hottest cold weather gear, Elisabetta and Mehcad were snapped leaving Pergamon museum in Berlin, Germany and looked like they had a blast spending some quality time […]

George Clooney‘s ex-woman, Elisabetta Canalis, was spotted having what seemed to be a romantic dinner with Necessary Roughness star Mehcad Brooks.  Although a very out-of-the-blue pair, these two buff stars certainly would look beautiful together! TMZ caught footage of both of them coming out of STK Steakhouse and leaving together. PHOTOS: Elisabetta Canalis Finds The Best Reason […]

News for Cool People, all the things you want to know in 140 characters or less. Leggo! Katy Perry to break Michael Jackson’s Billboard record? [Vibe] [pagebreak] Ms. Motivation Kelly Rowland covers the new issue of Monarch. [TheYBF] [pagebreak] Lady Gaga is being sued! Is she guilty? [DailyMail] [pagebreak] Charlie Sheen lands new sitcom?! [RadarOnline] […]

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I don’t use my Twitter account very often; however, I do occasionally go on to look up the popular trending topics, and today’s topic was an interesting one – #sheiswifey. Well, it made me think, exactly what is a wifey? Wifey is often used to describe a woman who is a man’s “main girl” or, […]

Flo Rida has a message for Brandy (and all the other ladies out there): “When it comes down to romance, no one can do it better than me.” The rapper was recently dragged into the gossip magazines when former flame Brandy blabbed that the duo “didn’t click” in the relationship department. Speaking exclusively to Global […]

There are two of the most iconic artist of our time currently featured crooning about their faux abusive relationship about every 30 mins on radio. I am afraid to even ask about the video. What are we coming to when during domestic violence awareness month the top 40 features a song about painfully staying in […]

The wait is over, Amber Rose is about to start revealing bits and pieces about her new found fame and her life since meeting Kanye West. She’s been very mum about her relationship with Kanye and about who she is as a person. So we’re excited to hear what Amber has to share!


Welcome back GG Family … My apologies for my hiatus, I couldn’t leave South Beach as my itinerary suggested, the beauty surrounding me was too amazing to enjoy for only a weekend 🙂 Enough about me though lets get back to business … Over the last two weeks I shared a 5 mile radius with […]

A few years ago I decided to write emails to my girlfriends as opposed to handwritten letters…my circle of friends was getting too large and letter writing, Alexis Houston-style, is time consuming! I rediscovered one of these…web logs….blogs and decided to share it with you… [pagebreak] Now to put things in full perspective let me […]


Hmmm its kinda hard to pinpoint 10 things that attract me to a woman but here’s my best shot… 1. Its all about swag and aura for me so I need a woman with presence, I need someone who commands the attention of the room when they enter it. 2. And of course a women’s […]