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Welcome back GG Family … My apologies for my hiatus, I couldn’t leave South Beach as my itinerary suggested, the beauty surrounding me was too amazing to enjoy for only a weekend πŸ™‚

Enough about me though lets get back to business … Over the last two weeks I shared a 5 mile radius with some of the most beautiful women on the planet, all the while I kept asking myself, how long can these women ignore the reality of their surroundings, the attractive men who reek of wealth, power, and respect ?! How do these women not cheat ?! Before I get into these answers, I’ll get into the history of the males and females.

At some point we’ve heard, ‘men are physical creatures and women are their emotional counterparts’. As a society we are in a visual era, our world revolves around what we can see and touch, so it’s only natural that we focus more on the infidelities of men. As men our lapses in judgement are deemed far more malicious than that of women due to their societal affects. From our physical indiscretions come not only broken hearts but broken homes, the heightened risks of diseases, not to mention we’re a gossip column writer’s dream, its so easy to catch us with one snap of the camera. Simply put, cheating men tend to leave ruins in their wake that can be easily documented and chronicled to the masses; Women on the other hand are just as active in this game of betrayal, it may not make it onto social networking sites but ladies are stepping out more than ever and no one says a word.


Its like elementary math, when men satisfy physical desires outside of their relationship its cheating. So that must also mean that when women satisfy emotional desires outside of their relationship its cheating, right ?! We tend to pass human interaction of a non-physical nature off as merely that ‘human interaction’ when in essence its as planned as ordering a round of drinks for a beautiful group of ladies at the bar in hopes of striking up a conversation. The most popular lie I’ve heard from women is, ‘we’re just friends, we haven’t done anything’ because when you dissect the pair’s interactions you have actually done ‘everything’ except have sex. In a world that revolves around ‘sex’ we’ve become blind to the other aspects of cheating and women have been reaping the benefits every since.

So to the answer the questions from above, the women don’t have to ignore their reality or the men, they have been given a ‘cheat without consequences’ card by society and a race naive men that think with their eyes while their spouses are disloyal though their hearts. Next time you witness or partake in a scenario where you share emotions that could be given to your partner but instead you bestow them on a ‘friend’ know its the same as sleeping with that person. Emotional Infidelity is recognized in courts from NY to California. Relationships are much more than physical climaxes, its great to reassure us that your body hasn’t been tampered with but the true testament is when that same assurance can be placed on your heart.

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