Hmmm its kinda hard to pinpoint 10 things that attract me to a woman but here’s my best shot…

1. Its all about swag and aura for me so I need a woman with presence, I need someone who commands the attention of the room when they enter it.

2. And of course a women’s style plays a big part in the overall package. That’s what always intitially catchs my eye when I see a women.  A well dressed women trumps many other aspects.

3. I love a women with good conversation and communication skills. Its nothing like having a conversation with a beautiful women and have her staring intently into your eyes.

4. I also love a well manicured women, ‘hair done nails done everything did’ lol

5. Its also wonderful when a women doesn’t feel the need to be on the ‘scene’ every night. As a man you always wonder about a women who constantly wants to be in the club.

6. I love a sexy woman. And that has nothing to do with wearing revealing clothes. Its all about persona and manuresims that draws me to a woman.

7. A definate must is a women who knows her way around the kitchen. I would much rather sit home and have a well cooked meal than eat in some of the finest restaurants.

8. Also a women with no indescretions in the bedroom, its nothing like having uninhibited sex with someone you care for.

9. U never want a selfish woman. Relationships are two way streets, you need a women to love ur perfections and be willing to deal with all your faults.

10. And last but not least, a womens body plays a major role. I try my hardest to eat well and take care of my body so I expect the same from my counterpart….



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