Mehcad Brooks and Elisabetta Canalis have officially called it quits. The actor got into a public tift with the model and former George Clooney love interest.

VIDEO: Elisabetta Canalis Got Some ‘Necessary Roughness’ From Mehcad Brooks

RadarOnline has reported that the two have split following a spat in the lobby of Elisabetta’s West Hollywood apartment building Thursday night. They’re reporting:

“Elisabetta and Mehcad were in the lobby obviously fighting with each other,” an eyewitness tells “At first they were trying not to call attention to themselves. But after a few minutes they couldn’t contain themselves anymore and their voices started to escalate.” 

The eyewitness continued, “They both became so angry, it was like they were oblivious to the fact that they were out in public: At one point, Elisabetta shoved Mehcad really hard, and he shouted right back at her to stop acting crazy, finally Elisabetta screamed, ‘Just go! Get out of here!’ and stormed up to her apartment. Moments later, she returned to the lobby carrying an armful of things, which included a Balenciaga hand bag.”

The 33-year-old stunner, according to eyewitness, then dropped the bag on the desk of the building manager with a message for Mehcad, 31.

“She told him, ‘Tell that a**hole to take his s**t and never contact me again’ — then, she turned on her heel and stormed off!

Damn! That sounds kind of serious. We never like hearing about bad break-ups, but, we do like hearing that these two sexy individuals are back on the market. Do you think they’re over for good or is this just a relationship speed bump? Let us know!

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