There are two of the most iconic artist of our time currently featured crooning about their faux abusive relationship about every 30 mins on radio. I am afraid to even ask about the video. What are we coming to when during domestic violence awareness month the top 40 features a song about painfully staying in a relationship until one of the lost hearts involved ends up not only broken but dead.

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This is a true WTF moment in hip-hop. Even moreso then when ‘Hard’ premeried after the actual police photos leaked. Seriously, WTF?! I mean are we saying that we condone this blacksplotationist perspective of relationships? Is this how we want ourselves protrayed to future generations or are Rihanna and Em just plain batshit crazy for their art? I can only imagine how cleansing and painfull it is to even create a song like that. Em is one of the greatest mcs and he always talks on the tough topics.

Still, isn’t it time both he and Rihanna started making mature content that deals with life maturly? Any todler can throw a tantrum. How do you make the relationship last by working through your problems without the violence? It is out there so lets provide a solution instead of something too painful for anyone even remotely able to relate to such fockery to hear or watch. Is reciprocation really too much to ask even in a sad love song?

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