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Flo Rida has a message for Brandy (and all the other ladies out there): “When it comes down to romance, no one can do it better than me.” The rapper was recently dragged into the gossip magazines when former flame Brandy blabbed that the duo “didn’t click” in the relationship department. Speaking exclusively to Global Grind, Flo – whose new album Only One Flo Pt. 1 drops on Nov. 30th – opened up about dating, his idea of love (hint: he’ll take you around the world, if he thinks you’re the right woman), recording his latest album inside hotel room closets and why he gets pulled over so much in his million-dollar supercar.

Congrats on the new album. How long did you spend working on this?

I’ve been on the road for a year and I ended up recording on the fly, pretty much non-stop. A lot of it was done in studio in California and Miami, but a lot of the rough tracks were created while on the road in crazy place like Australia. The craziest part was trying to record in the hotel rooms. I had to squeeze into the closet with pillows and sheets over it trying to get the right sound. It definitely worked and I had to do it because you don’t want to lose your thoughts in those moments. You want to get it out.

Rappers are known for having quirky tour riders. What’s in yours?

Lots of towels and water. Sometimes, when I’m performing a track and I know there’s going to be girls there, I’ll ask for roses to hand out. And champagne. If I’m doing a huge performance, I definitely want to pop some bottles. But I’m not crazy; I don’t need a bowl of purple Skittles or anything like that. [Laughs] Though I do love Skittles.

Your new single “Club Can’t Handle Me” with David Guetta is a smash hit. Ever been to a club you can’t handle?

[Laughs] No. I’m always the life of the party. I’m always the center of attention. All eyes are on me when I’m walking in, which is part of having a record deal. People know my swagger needs to be at 100% or 200%. When a song is on, you’ve got to hold it down and make sure people know you’re doing it right.

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Any tips for how to hold it down properly?

Sometimes you want to wear your sunglasses in the club. I have the light tint so I can still see what’s going on. [Laughs]. I’ve got about 300 pairs of shades – not including the ones I’ve lost or stepped on.

With your single “Zoosk Girl,” you feature the online dating site prominently. What’re your thoughts about online dating?

To each his own. I don’t have to do that, thank God, [Laughs] But for some people, I guess that’s their way of doing it with the ladies. Some guys need that. When T-Pain and I were creating that song, we wanted it to reflect what’s going on currently. We wouldn’t have put it out if it wasn’t a relevant thing.

How did you fare with the ladies before you hit it big?

Early on, I was always the shy guy. And I have seven sisters, so I felt like any girl I brought home, there was always eight different interviews going on because they had to talk to each and then my mom. Still, the ladies were always like ‘you&rsq

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