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Alex Rodriguez hit his historic 600th homerun yesterday. Or was it historic? The steroids era has tainted baseball and its monumental records. People are debating whether this “great” player or that “great” player deserve to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame etc. And it got me to thinking what if football had a steroids era, what would it look like?


People say steroids were rampant in the NFL during the 60’s and them came back again in the 80’s. To be honest, I can’t tell. Steroids are supposed to make the players better and if the players are better then their stats are better. Well, the numbers in the NFL have gotten better over time while steroid use has decreased and been virtually non-existent. I’m confident when I say no one in the NFL is juicing, but what if they were? The steroids era in baseball is roughly from 1992 – 2007. What if football had rampant steroid use during this time period?

Now before I really go in, in no way shape or form am I implicating or suggesting anyone used steroids. But it’d be interesting to see what the NFL would have looked like and refreshing to know that this great sport never really had a serious rash of problems with steroids as baseball had.


Brett Favre has he most consecutive starts of any quarterback at 285 for the regular season and 309 including playoffs. You could say that Favre is on steroids given his remarkable play at his age and never really being injured. Now, I’m about 150% positive that Brett Favre isn’t nor has he ever been on steroids. Look at his one year in New York, his bicep turned on him. Look at him now, he hurt his ankle seven months ago and it’s still not healed and if he was on roids, he’d be good by now. I think if he was, he wouldn’t have the record for consecutive starts that he has now because for as hard as this guy throws the ball, he would have thrown his ar