He may have just dubbed SWISH the "best album of all time," but Kanye West's thoughts are never far from fashion.

Lupe Fiasco is always busy! In addition to his music career, Lupe has worked on several different clothing collaborations, the latest of them being the Vans OTW for his very own Stovepipe sneaker. VIDEO: Lupe Fiasco Discusses What It’s Like To Be Considered A “Conscious” Rapper From the very beginning of Lupe’s career, he has […]

Vans will be celebrating the Half Cab’s 20th year on the market with its inventor Steve Caballero and Supreme this year.  PHOTO: Jesse Jo Is Off The Wall For Vans Those of you who are familiar with the Vans Half Cab probably don’t know the history behind the shoe. The Half Cab is a favorite amongst skateboarders and is […]

The skateboard culture has been obsessed with the Vans shoe since the California brand saw its start up in the early ’70s. Built by the hands of a brotherly duo, the shoe was iconic for its waffle sole that held an impeccable grip on skateboard decks — a market untapped at the time. PHOTOS: Jesse […]

We’ve all heard it at some point in our fashion conscious lives: don’t wear white before Memorial Day or after Labor Day. It’s as ubiquitous as stepping on a crack and breaking your stylish mama’s back, making white the official color of the summer months.  Although wearing a full white outfit is still a “no-no,” […]

Compassionate capitalism seems to be the theme around these parts these days. Yesterday, we reported on the work being done by TOMS Shoes where for each pair of shoes sold, one is given to a child in need. Today, we take a look at Van’s, another iconic shoe company interested in spreading wealth and opportunity […]

<p>On Thursday February 10 at 8pm EST, Lil Wayne will conduct his first live televised music interview with MTV’s Sway Calloway. Called MTV First: Lil Wayne, the show will feature the acclaimed radio/television host asking Wayne about his prison and post-prison experiences,</p>

Before the Oscars take place this weekend in Los Angeles, celebs will rub shoulders while drinking and having a good time. They’ll get free gifts, hear good music and have lots of fun partying all over town. We are giving you an all access glimpse into the hottest Hollywood parties taking place this weekend. PHOTOS: […]


Shoot Out? Don’t Forget Your Kelvar! by: Richard Allen of 6Magazine When you get ready to go to war, weapons are the most important supplies to pack. Locked, stocked and loaded with offensive talent, the stage last night was set to be a track meet like no other. Auburn and Oregon both scoped up and […]