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The viral video created by Josh Holz and Daniel Lara has done more than transform the teens from Riverside, Calif. and the phrase “Damn Daniel” into viral sensations. It’s even captured the attention of Ellen DeGeneres and Vans.

During an appearance on The Ellen Show, Josh and Daniel explained that the video, which has accumulated more than 45 million views, took off from an impromptu Snapchat posted by Josh. Now, it appears to have paid off big time, as Vans hooked Daniel up with a lifetime supply of sneakers.

And it’s only right, as the added exposure the video has brought Vans is undeniable. Pairs of sneakers similar to the ones worn by Daniel in the video are being sold on eBay for ridiculous prices. Although he’s become known for his tendency to be “back at it again with the white Vans,” the supply will consist of other options as well.

For his part in the video, Josh received a customized surfboard from Ellen. Check out their interview up top.

SOURCE: Complex | VIDEO SOURCE: EllenTube

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