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Shoot Out? Don’t Forget Your Kelvar!

by: Richard Allen of 6Magazine

When you get ready to go to war, weapons are the most important supplies to pack. Locked, stocked and loaded with offensive talent, the stage last night was set to be a track meet like no other. Auburn and Oregon both scoped up and aimed their guns for a shot at the Crystal Ball. For over a month, we heard the names, Cam Newton, Darren Thomas, and LaMichael James were going to dominate the game. But both teams decided defensively, the 2011 National Championship would ring of names you wouldn’t quite know off the top of your head. We hear it jokingly from time to time, the defenses’ were offensive, and last night proved just that.

The 2011 National Championship was suppose to be a shootout like no other with the top ranked Auburn Tigers ranked #5 in the nation rushing averaging 287.2 yds per game and 42.7 points for game vs. the Ducks of Oregon ranked #3 in the nation at 303.8 yds rushing per game and 49.3 points per game leading the NCAA in scoring. We heard for the past month, how physical the Auburn offense was, and how fast the Oregon offense was. It was as if both teams defense decided enough.

With :03 seconds left on the clock, Auburn kicked the game winning field goal from the 1 yard line resulting in a final score of 22-19 cutting the points scored in half. With 36 days until the bowl game, the Auburn and Oregon defenses were able to zero in and lock down on the weapons that were the running attack of Cam Newton and LaMicheal James. Newton was held to only 65 yds on the ground and James to 49 yds on the ground.

Both defenses were like sharks in the water in pursuit of the slightest blood and going in for the kill. Credit both teams for banging up these two mega stars as in the second half you could clearly see the defenses had phased out the dynamic players on both respective teams. From interceptions, to big hits, to stripped fumbles, and safeties the defenses made sure they both came to play. They forced two turnovers a piece in attempt to light the fire for their teams’ offense only for it to be quickly blown out by the other defense.

When you decide to go to war, there are two ways to equip yourself, either with the biggest gun or the armor to stop it. Last night’s NCAA Championship wasn’t about the team with the most firepower; it was purely about the team with the toughest bulletproof shield. Auburn’s defense rose to the challenge that came between them and the crystal ball proving once again, offense wins games, defense wins championships. Congratulations Auburn Tigers, you are the 2011 National Champions. War Eagle!

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