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Photo of vans shoes. Jeans maker VF Corp. agreed to buy youth sportswear maker Vans Inc for about 96

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Let’s face it.

Every now and then, the Internet sucks you into a wormhole of meaningless challenges that in no way will pay your rent or make you smarter than you were before.

The recent #VansChallenge is probably one of these challenges.

However, it does make you want to pull out your 5th-grade science board for a good ol’ fashion “hypothesis, procedure, conclusion” experiment.

The challenge in question has participants throwing their Vans on the ground to find out if they’ll land upright.

The challenge was started when Twitter user @Ibelievthehype argued that their Vans never fail to stand attention, no matter how they throw them.


The hypothesis was set, and the Internet followed through with the procedure of throwing their Vans to find out if they’ll always land upright.

Many people were successful.

Some folks even took the challenge to a whole new level by increasing the number of shoes dropped at the same time. The results were quite amazing.


Even high tops received a special experiment and the effects were the same.


But of course, with every experiment, you have to change the variables…and the Vans’ perfect landing seemed to switch depending on the flooring.

Carpet, for example, wasn’t showing that much love.

“Had to try the and boy was it a lie,” wrote Twitter user @NavaBaghai.


Meanwhile, @cristinam247 questioned whether their Vans were worthy of a refund.

Leather Vans also didn’t seem to be landing on their soles, which brings to question whether the challenge only works with canvas shoes. It would make sense, considering the soles are probably heavier than the canvas, whereas with leather, it could be a tricky balance.

It should also be noted that the original Vans started out as a shoe for skateboarders, according to Vans’ site. The heavy soles of the shoes were meant to help weigh feet down on the skateboard and to cushion the impact of skating. Since then, Vans have undergone many reincarnations, including leather, high tops, low tops, etc. Depending on the year and style of your Vans, the results of a toss could be different.

Diligent experimenting would prove some Vans seem to pick and chose when they want to land upright, no matter the material of the shoes or the flooring.


So if you tried this Vans challenge to get some sort of meaning out of life, then you probably wasted your time.

But if the 5th-grade scientist in you was ignited, then toss away! 

One person’s silly challenge is another person’s scientific breakthrough.