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Vans will be celebrating the Half Cab’s 20th year on the market with its inventor Steve Caballero and Supreme this year. 

PHOTO: Jesse Jo Is Off The Wall For Vans

Those of you who are familiar with the Vans Half Cab probably don’t know the history behind the shoe. The Half Cab is a favorite amongst skateboarders and is a low top version of the Vans Caballero.  

In an interview with Complex, Caballero states:

[The Caballero] came out in 1989, but the Half Cab wasn’t released until three years later. A lot of the street skaters were wearing the original shoe, and I guess they wanted a lower feel to the shoe, so they started cutting the shoe in half, and putting duct tape around it, and stickers. And then I saw that and started doing it myself. I think a couple pairs I tried to sew like that. Then eventually I got tired and I was like instead of cutting these things down, why don’t we make them like this? So I brought the idea to Vans, and I said hey, you know, I see a trend going on with the shoe — the shoe’s been out for three years already, why don’t we come up with a new shoe and call it the Half Cab and cut it down and come up with new colors? They liked that idea, so I told them I wanted come up with a new logo for the side, so I grabbed a picture of me doing a half Cab and they made a silhouette of it and put “Half Cab” on the side and that’s how the label came about. It just went from there.

To commemorate two decades of the Half Cab, Steve Caballero will be physically cutting 20 pairs of Van Caballeros and taping down the edges, just like the skate kids were doing back in the early ’90s. 

Each is individually customized, numbered and signed by Caballero himself and will be made available exclusively through Supreme stores globally while supplies last.

You can take a look at Steve cutting down one of his signature sneakers to size in the video above.