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Hackers are back at it again.

Last week, the Riverside, Calif. home of Joshua Holz and his parents was swatted* and now, his Twitter account has been hacked. The attack on the “Damn, Daniel” creator included offensive, racist tweets and the deletion of his viral video.

Joshua has since regained control of his account, but has been unable to recover the deleted clip, prompting a new hashtag: #getthevideoback. No word from Twitter on whether they’ll be able to rectify the situation, but it’s safe to assume the video is gone.

Don’t worry; if you’re still not over Daniel or his white Vans, the clip continues to live on through YouTube. Not to mention, the teens are still enjoying plenty of media coverage…and have even inspired a Texas man’s new ink work.

Over it yet?

*“Swatting” involves calling in an emergency to a location in which nothing is actually happening, usually to harass a person or group of people.

SOURCE: Complex, Gizmodo | PHOTO CREDIT: Instagram

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