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You read the title correctly. Tween heart throb Justin Bieber will be, in fact, coming out with memoir that will be released later this year. If you are anything like me you’re probably wondering why some 16-year-old kid is writing a memoir on his life at age 16… as if life ends suddenly at 17 (though if you’re an existentialist, life just may end at 17). Does he have a chronic illness that we don’t know about? Why is he summing his life up so short at just 16 when he has many years ahead of him? Will it be revealed that Bieber actually is a lesbian woman? I guess it’s these burning questions that will have fans of both Bieber and autobiographical literature flocking to bookstores this October to purchase First Step 2 Forever: My Story. The memoir, which is being published by Harper-Collins, will have ‘lots of exclusive photos’ included for the uber fans with the Bieber fever.