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This is THE HOOD ANTHEM. I’m talking about DJ Khaled’s song ‘ALL I DO IS WIN’. This has to be at least one of your top five motivational or get hyped songs that gets you pumped and ready to face your day. It’s most definitely one of mine. Kudos to Ludacris’s foolish flow, he tore it up as usual; and T-PAIN’S electirfying vocals suppling the hook. As you know by know I’m all about keeping it positive NO MATTER WHAT in order to achieve what might seem like the impossibe, OUR DREAMS.

Everyday I get up the first thing I do is give thanks for still being alive and then I listen to at least ten to fifteen minutes of something positive. It might be something from my favorite motivational speaker Les Brown or some music that have positve lyrics and a great beat of course. We, I’m talking about all of us who live in the slums, the hoods, or the ghettos whichever one you choose to call it; have someone we can look up to and say if he or she did so can I.

We have to stay positive and focused on our goals. There’s too much in the hood that can bring us down. The hood can either make you or break you. The choice is yours. You can’t give in to peer presure or the negativity that surrounds you on a daily bases. Stay strong and keep telling yourself ALL i DO IS WIN, WIN, WIN NO MATTER WHAT. And whatever you do stay away from  people who try ro tell you what you can’t do. The hood can be a BLESSING if you allow it to be. There are a lot of positive hustles and other solutions that one can use to help propel himself out of the hood and into the lap of luxury that you will only find in the hood.

Shout out to all the people from the ghettos of Chicago who made it: R. KELLY, COMMON, DA BRAT. TWISTA, KANYA WEST and so many others. A double shout out to those still in da hood all over the world with outlandish dreams grinding everyday; stay positive, stay focused, stay persistent and you too will WIN.  SteveB. King


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