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This is my first blog for Global Grind, and I’m very excited to share my perspective and experiences with you.  

My belief in the possibility of dreams coming true propels my off-screen work. That’s why I am hosting the United Negro College Fund’s “Empower Me Tour,” sponsored by Wells Fargo, Fed Ex, Essence Magazine and CNN, among others.

Our first stop was on October 2nd at Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia.

The panel at Hampton included myself; actor, Malik Yoba; comedian and actress Kim Coles; and Monique L. Jackson and Kita Williams, the creators and stars of “The T.O. Show.” While we planned to talk about “How to Be Rich, Resilient and Keep It Real,” the name of our panel that evening, we spent the majority of the time discussing how to overcome fear.


That’s just so raw to me. The students didn’t ask about networking or internships or branding.

They didn’t even ask about how to attain monetary wealth or how to begin their own businesses. They wanted to know about fear.

It makes sense because in any discussion about achieving success or happiness, in any discussion about overcoming hardship and becoming a better person, fear is the universal monster that must be defeated in order to move forward.

How do you keep yourself free from fear? It takes a lot to admit to yourself that you’re even afraid.

Think of how many times you’ve rationalized not doing something or have run head first into doing something you didn’t want to do, all the while knowing that you were simply afraid to be yourself or try something new.

I know I’m guilty of it. 

I read once that fear is “faith inverted.” So I pray for faith. On the panel Malik Yoba said, “Fear is for suckas!” I agree, but I have to admit that I live with my fears everyday.  

It’s kind of like the portrayal of the imaginary people in John Nash’s head in the film A Beautiful Mind.

John Nash learns how to shut out the people in his head, because he’s come to understand that they aren’t real. He makes the decision that they will have no sway over his thoughts or beliefs. 


The good news is that the more we push ourselves beyond what we already know we can do, the less crippling fear becomes. It’s like working out to build muscles.

By constantly challenging myself, I am able to live what I hope is a courageous life.

That’s how I’m even able to write this blog. So here I go, shaming the devil (otherwise known as fear) to write my first entry for Global Grind. 

Join the conversation by registering for the next UNCF “Empower Me Tour” stop on October 23rd at  Xavier University in New Orleans..

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-Tatyana | Follow Me@OfficialTatyana

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