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Far East Movement launches the single “Rocketeer” to follow their hit single “Fly like a G6” . Co-Written by Bruno Mars, the track is well adorned with smooth vocals and Ryan Tedder on the piano lays down bouncy sweet chords driving the track forward on top of the snare sets pulling it in with a easy-listening but upbeat aura.  

While the “Fly like a G6” joint was a popping 3 AM club banger, the newest single carries more of a hangout jam vibe. The group Far East Movement boasts cultural diversity as well as impressive musical flexibility. 

Consisting of representatives from all hoods of the Asian continent, Far East Movement is breaking through the U.S. charts rapidly with their hybrid sound that reinvents the sounds of hip hop and R&B by saturating the nooks and crannies of beats with electro-synth infusions.

Check out their newest single in the following page!


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