Justin Theroux and Malin Akerman star in the hilarious new comedy Wanderlust.  The movie also stars Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston as a couple rattled by sudden unemployment, who ultimately decide to experiment with living on a rural commune where free love rules. The group of hippies and pot smokers provide for numerous laughs until Seth and […]

Every morning there is a sea of sexy aftermath and shocking news left on the Internet from the things our favorite celebrities have done or said the night before. Whether it’s going to the club, hitting a red carpet, or making a statement that raises a few eyebrows, hip-pop fans need to know. GlobalGrind has […]

Actress Malin Akerman is usually the cute and funny bubbly blonde in most of the movies she stars in, but for “The Bang Bang Club,” she challenged herself with a more serious real life role. “The Bang Bang Club” is based on a true story and chronicles the harrowing tale of four photo journalists and […]


(Boss Reece and Director X). New Yorkers and hip-hop lovers were treated to a preview of ‘Love & Hip Hop,’ a new eight part docu-series on VH1 about five dynamic women who are connected to the world of hip-hop either through the men they love or their struggle to be heard as artists. A preview […]


This week’s performance photos catch some great musicians in some amazing poses. Sometimes these artists get so into a song or the crowd and a photographer catches just the right moment, making for some pretty sweet performance photos. Today we have Ne-Yo performing with Sports Illustrated models, The Pretty Reckless‘ Taylor Momsen getting naughty on […]

  The Illumanti Are Deceiving You right In to Hell and You’re Letting Them.   The Illuminati are the top players on the International playground, basically belonging to the thirteen of the wealthiest families in the world, and they are the men who really rule the world from behind the scenes (yes, they are mostly men, with […]

Her name instantly makes you think about sex.  Minaj, pronounced ‘ménage’ leads you to believe that everything springing forth from her is titillating and sex tinged with the goal of causing men to lose blood flow to their brains.  We judge her just on that alone.  We think, ‘Oh, God. Not another one’.  Not another […]

I’m making short term goals, wonder whether foesjust put away the leathers and put ice on the goldchilly with enough bail money to free a big Willyhigh stakes, I got more at stake than Phillyshopping sprees, coping three, deuce fever I guess its fully loaded,ah yes,bouncing in the lex luger, tires smoke like Buddha50 g’s […]

Eminem won best Male Artist and Rap Album of the year, and I’m just now getting around to Recovery. As if that weren’t bad enough, I’ve got to admit the damned thing almost made me tear!   This had never… happened to me before – – music-induced weeping is something I associate with maniacal Michael […]

Alright you sucka emcee’s time to get your weight up! Lupe is coming for and not holding any bars. He is fresh outta lollipops and handing out ass whoopings on your own tracks! On his latest release, Lupe takes on Rick Rozy’s ‘Blowing Money Fast’ and does it justice! With his version properly titled Building […]

There is some interesting news coming from by way of Swizz Beats himself… Reebok has always wanted to team up with producer Swizz Beats on a new sneaker. His sense of fashion has caught many off guard as the producer was just featured in GQ Mag, the sneaker is rumored to be hitting retail shelves […]

The Democrats took a beating on November 3, losing the majority in the House of Representatives and just narrowly keeping the Senate. Many ask how something like this could have happened. Especially after such a sweeping landslide of “young voters” in 2008 who took to the streets to vote for a man of hope, change, […]